Solar Panel Recycling

We recycle solar panels at our state-of-the-art recycling facility in Jacksonville, Florida. All types of panels are accepted: monofacial and bifacial, crystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.

  • We take all types of solar panels.
  • We don't landfill any material.
  • We can provide logistics support.
  • We provide recycling certificates/evidence of recycling.
  • We ensure all recycling/panel handling is performed in strict adherence to all applicable regulations and industry standards.
a claw picks up solar rubbish

Other Recycling

While we specialize in recycling damaged, waste, and scrap solar panels, we also function as a placement agent for other solar scrap materials.

Other Solar Scrap Material

  • Solar Panel Racking/Mounting Structures
  • String Inverters and Central Inverters
  • LV, MV, and HV Transformers
  • Copper and Aluminum Wire
  • DAS and SCADA Systems

Decommissioning Planning & Salvage Value Appraisal

Our team has taken on some of the most complicated decommissioning projects in the world (including a steel plant and a US Navy Barbel-class submarine). We provide comprehensive solar project decommissioning plans to support developers during the entitlements stage, which include defensible and accurate project salvage value assessments.

two mens work on solar panels