Planning and decommissioning; recycling revenue and end-of-life modeling.

Planning boards are increasingly requiring recycling plans for construction and decommissioning. We can help you meet these requirements, and if none exist, further assure a board that you will develop your project in an environmentally responsible fashion. Salvage value is often overlooked in developer financial models.

Salvage revenue modeling can add value to assets and increase development fees. OnePlanet Solar Recycling can help determine appropriate salvage revenue assumptions to maximize project value.

Asset Owners

Reduce environmental and reputational risk; maximize return on investment.

If your firm does not have a recycling plan, there is a significant risk that waste material from fleet operations is being disposed of improperly and is needlessly harming the environment.

OnePlanet Solar Recycling can ensure that the environmental impact of your fleet is minimized, safeguarding your firm's reputation. We also help reduce operating expenses by implementing recycling plans, which can reduce or eliminate decommissioning bonds.


We recycle solar panels from installation, repowering, and operations & maintenance.

We work with EPC contractors, installation sub-contractors, and O&M providers to ensure that all solar project recycling demands are met. Our solar panel recycling services reduce your workload and mitigate execution risk.

In a cost-competitive environment, it is critical for firms to drive down bid prices and offer recycling solutions that satisfy owner ESG requirements.